HELP Vega Baja registered charity is pleased to announce the introduction of a Carers Support Group for non-professional carers.

Our aim is to connect carers so no-one is left to care alone resulting in them feeling isolated and struggling either practically, emotionally, or both. With the support of experienced volunteers, we can offer information and advice to those carers who are looking after a family member or friend and suggest services and support to make your caring role more manageable for both you and the person you support.

Unpaid carers often find themselves plunged into a caring role with little warning and feel completely overwhelmed by the heavy responsibilities they shoulder. Many are exhausted from looking after their husband, wife, partner, parent for hours every day and the life they now live is miles away from the hopes and dreams they had when they moved to Spain.

Caring can and often is, a lonely place to be in and we hope this new group will provide some respite. It is envisaged that some carers may want to come along seeking advice and support whilst others may wish to simply take their mind off things and have some “me time”, to chat, play a game of cards etc. The group is in addition to the existing Facebook Page we have specifically for carers (HELP Carers Connect) and other services offered by our Welfare Team.

The group will meet on the Third Tuesday of each month in the San Miguel Library (1st floor) between 2 – 4 pm starting on the 17th October.

If you are interested in finding out more about the HELP Vega Baja Carers Support Group, please call Sue Birchenough on 966 723 733 or email Places in the group are limited so please reserve your place directly with Sue.

Together we will make a difference to the lives of others.

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