Important Information for members

Following discussions with Quironsalud Hospital, Torrevieja regarding the convenio that exists between the two organisations, we are delighted to advise the following additions to the services that members of HELP Vega Baja can take advantage of from Quironsalud.  Please note that these are in addition to the existing offer of an annual dental clean, annual blood analysis, 10% discount on all services in the hospital and an additional month when purchasing the hospital "Tarjeta".

1.  Skin dermatology screening.  (Revision of pigmented lesions, history, clinical exploration and report) + consultation (25 euros)

2.  Preventative gynaecological review (gynaecology), history, clinical ultrasound and cytology (60 euros)

3.  Radiodiagnosis.  Bilateral mammography 2 positions (40 euros).  If breast ultrasound is required (30 euros).  Consultation is not included.

4.  Digestive Apparatus.  Fecal occult blood test (with this test it is unnecessary to be fasting) + Specialist consultation (30 euros)

5.  Urology.  PSA blood test to detect prostate cancer, consultation (35 euros).  Scan not included.

6.  Physio treatment of lymphedema, the price of private at 43 euros per session.  Packages of 10 sessions at 25 euros (250 euros)

To receive these special prices, the appointment must be done through our contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 606 679 982.  Anne will require your personal details if you have not been registered at the hospital before, name, NIE number, DOB, address, email and telephone number.

  • Membership

    For over 35 years HELP Vega Baja has worked hard to support those people who have chosen to live or visit Spain.

    In recognition of those who continue to support the association in this work, the committee has developed a number of benefits specifically for its members and becoming a member or renewing an existing membership could not be simpler! The cost of an annual membership is just €10.

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  • Donating to Help Vega Baja

    HELP Vega Baja continues to support those in need through donations received, charity sales and holding events and activities. If you wish to hold an event in support of HELP, please contact the San Miguel Centre.

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  • Why not become a Volunteer

    The main areas where Volunteers are used are as follows;

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  • Connections Team

    The Connections Team replaced the Emergency line from August 2018

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