Flood victims El Saladar Almoradi

Today we met up with Sammy, a remarkable lady who has been not only trying to get her own home sorted following the floods but has been supporting the whole community in El Saladar, Almoradi. Together with help from Kiera and other friends they have been organising for homes to be made secure, replacing items that have been ruined where possible and ensuring that people are safe.

Humbling to say the least. We were invited into the homes of many people today and saw first hand the devastation that hit the village 9 weeks ago. Walking around in the sunshine you would have no idea of what is hidden behind the doors of these houses - people have pulled together and they are doing the best they can with very little. Today there were tears of sadness for what has gone but hope in the eyes of many that life would get better. We are going to do everything we can to ensure this happens...........

Lists of items needed are being prepared. Sammy has a list of priorities for the villagers - doors that need to be replaced that no longer close, windows that have rotted and no longer hold the glass, beds that are damp and need throwing out immediately and so much more.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and fund raising events, HELP Vega Baja has the funds to make a difference to these families. However, we really need to ask for more support from you. We are arranging for storage facilities to be available soon so if you have any good quality items of furniture, kitchen units etc, please call our San Miguel Centre and ask for Sue Birchenough who is co-ordinating the delivery and collection of items for the families with Kira (aka Clara). We will also be looking for volunteer drivers to collect and deliver the items - we have a van although it is not that big. Can you help?

Also, if you have time to spare and can help to install doors and a few general building jobs we would love to hear from you. 966 723 733 is the number to call or simply send a message via this Facebook page.

I know it seems that we are always asking for support and its true we do but never before have so many people been in such a difficult situation. The community is doing everything it can to support each other - lets give them a helping hand.

Donations can be made via our Paypal account     https://helpvegabaja.com/index.php/about-us/donations

All the above is in addition to the other cases we are supporting within the Vega Baja area - its a busy time for us all but worth every moment to be able to help people at this time

A million thank yous....

Michele Masson, President, HELP Vega Baja

12/ NOVEMBER 2019