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For 40 years HELP Vega Baja has worked hard to support those people who have chosen to live or visit Spain.

In recognition of those who continue to support the association in this work, the committee has developed a number of benefits specifically for its members and becoming a member or renewing an existing membership could not be simpler! The cost of an annual membership is just €10.

You can call in at any of our offices or attend any of our regular group meetings where your membership will be processed. Alternatively, you can download the Membership Application and Renewal Form, completing one for each applicant and either return by post to one of our offices or simply scan and email to There are several ways you can pay your membership and details of these are attached for your information. We are required by law to hold either a copy of your passport or any document which shows your NIE number and would therefore ask that this is scanned through with your application or renewal or brought with you if you are paying in person. 

Please note that in an effort to reduce costs, we are no longer sending membership cards or emergency contact scheme cards in the post but they will be issued upon request at one of our offices.

Membership Application and Renewal form

Methods of Payment

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Membership is €10 per year. Please complete this form and make your payment using one of the following methods - Tick only 1 that applies please.
Data Protection Statement: Your personal data will be held and used by HELP VEGA BAJA in accordance with the GDPR Data Protection 25TH May 2018. You have the right to amend, update and cancel these details.

For more information about membership of HELP Vega Baja please visit or contact the HELP Vega Baja offices. The San Miguel office, Calle Lope de Vega 45, telephone 966 723 733 is open Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 1:30pm.


HELP Vega Baja are pleased to be able to offer its members various benefits but reserves the right to amend or remove any benefit as it considers necessary or when it considers it to be in the interests of all members. Changes to members benefits will be published on the charity Facebook page and website and will also be included in documentation relating to members benefits.

Members benefits are not transferable and any residual benefit not used in one year cannot be carried forward to the following year.

HELP Vega Baja will require any partner providing professional services to its members to be exclusively liable to have any licences required to be registered in order to carry out their activity in Spain. HELP Vega Baja will require evidence that these requirements are met by the partner and will have indemnity of any activity the partner provides to a member or beneficiary in the case that the lack of legal requirements are not met and cause any damage to HELP or to its reputation.

HELP Vega Baja accepts no responsibility for any service, translation or interpretation provided by a partner and will not enter into any dispute arising between a member and partner as a result of a service, translation or interpretation undertaken as part of its members’ benefit support scheme.

Any deliberate misuse of any member benefit may result in member/s being removed from the HELP Vega Baja membership scheme in line with procedures outlined in the HELP Vega Baja statutes.